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[b]Desperate Redemption - a role playing game that you can’t miss out in 2019[/b]

Ride giant dragons and fly in the open  sky? - Make your dream come true when playing Desperate Redemption. 

For most children, How To Train Your Dragon might be a favorite movie. With great graphics and lovely dragons, this movie is gradually becoming more and more famous. From then, many kids desire to have a chance to train, ride and become a best friend of friendly and talented dragons. Today, you totally can do it thanks to playing Desperate Redemption - an amazing role-playing game on the [url=https://forum.andegrand.pl/index.php?a=topic&t=69688][b]Top role playing games android[/b][/url]



[b]Attractive plot [/b]

Right from the start, Desperate Redemption possesses an interesting storyline that appeals to all players. The settings is on the planet Solga, which is on the brink of collapse. Joining the game, the player plays a role as a goddess who is responsible for fighting to save the Solga. Like many other role playing games, it has a science-fiction topic with lots of space battles; however, instead of driving spaceships, they will ride giant dragons to fight. Of five available weapons, players can choose one. These types of guns can not only be shot at long range but also have a very powerful mechanism that allows players to attack enemies continuously when they get close. Besides, each dragon type will have its own magical abilities to support characters in battles. In the battles, players will have to control their dragons to avoid and attack the enemy. To claim your glory, it is necessary to clearly understand the strengths of each dragon in order to use them properly. 



[b]Easy-to-learn gameplay[/b]

Similar to most other action role-playing games, in this [url=https://www.giantbomb.com/profile/clintonjmolina1/blog/cat-quest-an-amazing-role-playing-game-that-will-b/120098/][b]Role playing game download[/b][/url] the player will perform a series of main missions by overcoming each level. Thereby, you can level up, unlock new features for yourself. More interesting, players can participate in the global arena where all ranked players in the world gather; and if you win, a variety of valuable rewards will be yours. 

[b]Highly competitive game [/b]

As mentioned, Desperate Redemption provides a rank for players all over the world. The more skills you own, the more points you get, the higher rank you stand. In the international arena, you will have an opportunity to combat the worthy opponents. From here, it’s good to make friends with them for upcoming fierce fights. 

[b]Epic graphics [/b]

Besides the unique shooting style, first appeared on the mobile platform, Desperate Redemption also make a great impression with sharp 3D graphics. From characters to dragons, all are extremely eye-catching. In addition, the harmonious setting of large sea and vast sky makes every player relaxed. Every battle becomes more lively and authentic, so you might feel it difficult to put your phone down. 



[b]Wrapping it up! [/b]

If you are a big fan of dragons, Desperate Redemption surely is worth your time. Get [url=https://steemit.com/@top1apk][b]Apk download games[/b][/url] at the largest apk site - Top1apk.com right now! 



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